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Doctor and Patient

Chronic Care Management & Behavioral Health Integration 

Chronic Care Management

We are happy to announce that Manatee Senior Care has added Chronic Care Management as part of its medical care services. As part of the continuity of care service we provide, our goal is to ensure our medical team is engaged with our patients' health at all times.


This is a Medicare program that is aligned with Manatee Senior Care's goals, encouraging us to continue to deliver a cohesive-focused, concierge level of care in order to improve health outcomes for patients with 1 or more chronic conditions. 


What's included:

  • Patients and their caregivers will gain a team of dedicated health care professionals who can help them plan for better health and stay on track  

  • Monthly care plan review call with patient and/or health care surrogate;  the plan will help support the patient’s disease control and health management goals, including physical, mental, cognitive, psychosocial, functional and environmental factors. We will also keep track of referrals and community services.

  • Weekly/bi-weekly/as-needed communication for patients with higher complex conditions

  • Dedicated access to a CCM Specialist for all medical needs 








Behavioral Health Integration

Manatee Senior Care is excited to launch its Integrated Psychiatric program. This is a Medicare program aligned with Manatee Senior Care goals. A dedicated Behavioral Health Manager, with specialized training in Behavioral Health, will be working with MSC patients at home and in our partnered facilities. MSC patients with concerns of mental, social, behavioral issues or under the care of a Psych Specialist can now receive:


  • Dedicated Behavior Health Manager

  • BHM following up proactively and systematically

  • A continuous relationship with the patient and family/caregivers

  • Face to face individualized sessions with patient

  • Medication management

  • Collaboration with Primary Care

  • Collaboration with Psychiatry


The cost to participate in chronic care management may be a monthly fee depending upon the Part B deductible and copay insurance applicable. Patients that have a supplemental insurance may help to cover and off set the monthly fee.

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