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Home Nurse Examining Patient

Schedule an appointment to come into our office or we can come to you if you are home bound. 

We offer a concierge approach to primary care. An elite level of care at no additional cost to our patients.

Free Concierge


Office Visits

Our office is centrally located on University Parkway in Sarasota, Florida. Your first visit will include a thorough examination and an individualized treatment plan. As your primary care provider, we will deliver your ongoing care and recommend specialty services as needed.

Home Visits

For those patients who have difficulty traveling, no worries! We will come to you. This service is covered through your insurance, so you don’t have to worry about an out of pocket expense. Each home visit includes the same level of attention and detail as an office visit. We also provide regular follow up visits and recommend specialty services as needed.



To ensure we provide the most comprehensive approach to your healthcare plan, we partner with our local hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and other facilities to deliver your ongoing medical care, wherever you are. This A - Z comprehensive scope ensures the same medical team is connected and engaged with your family, health history, prescription background and your personal story. A thorough and inclusive approach for patients that deserve ONLY this elite level of care. 

Transition of Care

Patients and their caregivers gain a specialist that will help our patients navigate the facility transition system. From start to finish, we will assist with finding appropriate short and long-term accommodations for our patients and/or their loved one. We will remain involved to ensure you are receiving the best possible care as we navigate the transition system together.

Health Management - Chronic Care Management

Patients and their caregivers will gain a team of dedicated health care professionals. Monthly care plan review call with patient and/or health care surrogate to review medications and health management goals, including physical, mental, cognitive, psychosocial, functional and environmental factors. CLICK HERE for more info.

Inner Balance Integration - Behavioral Health Integration

Patients and their caregivers will gain a dedicated team of licensed Mental Health counselors to proactively support positive health of mind. Monthly follow up with patient and/or health care surrogate to conduct therapy session and/or monitor positive welfare.     CLICK HERE for more info.

Paid Concierge

For our patients that have a preference to work with Dr. Floyd directly, we also offer a paid Concierge service that includes everything in our free concierge service line plus the following: 

  • Patients will be provided with a dedicated line that connects them directly to Dr. Floyd. 

  • 24/7 access to Dr. Floyd for emergencies.

  • Patients will still work with the office for a fast turn-around time on all orders, prescriptions and etc. 

  • Most appointments will be conducted by Dr. Floyd depending on his availability.

  • Annual fee is determined based on the patient's medical condition. The initial visit includes this evaluation. All documents from previous Medical Provider must be collected before the initial evaluation appointment for Dr. Floyd to review. This information will also help determine the patients medical condition. 

  • If the patient requires an urgent visit, all efforts will be made to schedule that patient for either an office visit, a house call or a tele-visit within 24 business hours of this request. 

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