Home Nurse Examining Patient

Schedule an appointment to come into our office or we can come to you if you are home bound. 

Our services are available for local residents, independent living communities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and rehabilitation centers in Manatee and Sarasota counties in Florida. 

Primary Care


Office Visits

Our office is centrally located on University Parkway in Sarasota, Florida. Your first visit will include a thorough examination and an individualized treatment plan. As your primary care provider, we will deliver your ongoing care and recommend specialty services as needed.

Home Visits

For those patients who have difficulty traveling, no worries! We will come to you. This service is covered through your insurance, so you don’t have to worry about an out of pocket expense. Each home visit includes the same level of attention and detail as an office visit. We also provide regular follow up visits and recommend specialty services as needed.


Concierge Services

To ensure we provide the most comprehensive approach to your healthcare plan, we partner with our local hospitals and other facilities to deliver your medical care, wherever you are. Learn more about these services in more detail below.

Hospital Care

Admitted into the hospital? Guess what? Your care will continue to be provide by our group! Our Physician has partnered with some of the local hospitals to ensure we can continue to care for you. While we may not be your admitting or consulting doctor in the hospital at all times, we will remain involved to ensure you are receiving the best possible care. We will work with your hospital team to give them an idea of your overall health. Our team will serve as your advocate as we navigate the hospital system together.

Retirement Communities, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers and Rehabilitation Facilities

We have partnered with several of these communities to ensure our team is able to deliver ongoing care to our patients. We will be with you every step of the way. 

Chronic Care Management

As part of the continuity of care service we provide, our goal is to ensure our medical team is engaged with your health at all times; managing your transition of care, communicating and coordinating with medical and community providers to ensure the highest level of care is being delivered. Medicare also has the same program in place called CCM (Chronic Care Management). This program encourages Manatee Senior Care to continue to deliver this cohesive-focused, concierge level of care in order to improve health outcomes.