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Mobile & Concierge

Geriatric Primary Medical Care

At No Additional Cost!


Our approach is to provide our geriatric clients with end to end healthcare service to avoid the risky gaps that currently exist within the geriatric industry. Not only does our medical staff provide primary medical care in the convenience of your home but we are also your attending Physician during your care at the hospital, nursing home, assisted living facilities and rehabilitation centers. NO ADDITIONAL COST. This A - Z comprehensive scope ensures the same medical team is connected and engaged with your family, health history, prescription background and your personal story. A thorough and inclusive approach for patients that deserve ONLY this elite level of care. 

Check out our video to learn more about these elite services. 


“My mom had to be moved in and out of a nursing home. Her primary care doctor suggested that we find another doctor that would travel to her at home. I was so grateful to find Manatee Senior Care."


Patient Daughter


“I remember having doctors that did house calls when I was a child. It's refreshing to see this kind of service come back.”

Actual Patient

“I could no longer drive to my appointments. Finding transportation became a burden on my family. Manatee Senior Care came to my home and also took care of me while I was at a rehab place."


Actual Patient

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