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Physician House Calls - Dying Practice Or Should It Be Revived?

Up until the 1960s, physician house calls were very common. However, during the 60s, they nearly stopped. The truth is that at this time, many people felt that this practice was gone.

Why Did It All Changed During The 1960s?

The reality is that many factors led to the stop of physician house calls. One of the most important ones was related to the use of non-portable equipment for diagnosis. Besides, the fact that doctors weren't simply able to deliver the best care in the home also led to this disappearing.

On the other hand, having their own offices was also better in terms of time. After all, doctors usually spent a lot of time traveling from one home to the other. So, having an office in a central location would allow them to see more patients.

Why Are Physician House Calls Coming Back?

When you are looking for a house call physician in Sarasota, you won't have to dig a lot to find one. In fact, Dr. James P. Floyd is one of the best you can find in the area.

But why are house calls making a comeback?

The truth is that there was a time where there was a lack of physicians. And this was one of the reasons why house calls stopped. After all, a doctor could see 15 or 20 patients at his office while he could only see a handful if he went out. This hard truth has not changed but with the growing demand for the medical industry to find more comprehensive options for their patients, house calls tend to offer this range.

Another reason for the increase in house call physician Bradenton is the fact that people are living longer. Besides, many elderly are housebound with terminal or chronic diseases. So, without someone like Dr. James P. Floyd, they wouldn't have to worry about more expensive and timely options such as an emergency room visit.

While we may be stating the obvious, health maintenance organizations are also pushing the elderly to choose a house call physician Bradenton instead of staying at the hospital. After all, this is a lot cheaper for everyone. Besides, most doctors can already bring everything the elderly need with them during house calls. So, the elderly will also be more secure and cozy since they are at home and not in a hospital for a very long time.

Bottom Line

As you can see, physician house calls should not only be revived as they are already being made. And in case you are a senior, then you should make sure that you get yourself a good house call physician Sarasota such as Dr. James P. Floyd.

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