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Bringing Back Doctor House Calls On The Suncoast

MANATEE COUNTY - In a time where almost anything can be delivered to your front door one Manatee County company is forging ahead with bringing back house calls, by your doctor.

Manatee Senior Care says the need in Manatee for mobile and concierge geriatric primary medical care is extensive.

“Our physician will come directly to our patient’s house. We provide their primary medical care there. We’ll also provide the workup if lab work needs to be done, if a nurse needs to come in. If physical therapy, occupational therapy needs to be done we help to coordinate all of those services so that way the patient is not dealing with the burden of trying to make all of those decisions," says founder Milande David.

David says having a group of medical professionals focusing on offering comprehensive healthcare services to seniors helps bridge dangerous gaps when it comes to treatment.

"If they have to be admitted into a hospital, if they have to be admitted into a rehab center, a nursing facility an assisted living facility we will follow them," says David.

Homebound patients like Harry Hoffman have come to depend on the services by Manatee Senior Care. “It has helped tremendously and I was not aware that there was any service where a doctor actually made house calls anymore," says Hoffman's wife Cathleen.

A message and point which those at Manatee Senior Care want to get across to you in the community. “We’re your family, we want to advocate for you and we want to provide the continuity of care that our patients deserve," says David.

Manatee Senior Care say they want to start a movement where less people walk through these doors and more doctors walk through yours.

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