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Coronavirus Florida: Bradenton doctor makes house calls to ease anxiety of older adults

Manatee Senior Care, which offers mobile and concierge geriatric primary care, was started in August 2019.

This doctor does house calls in 2020. And his services might be more important now than ever.

When Bradenton physician James Floyd shifted his focus to home visits after co-founding Manatee Senior Care in August 2019, he knew there was a real need for his service. But he couldn’t have predicted the need would be quite like this.

How could he have known what was coming?

But that hasn’t stopped the practice from serving the community at a high level, according to Milande David, Manatee Senior Care’s director of operations and co-owner.

“We do have a higher volume of calls from patients that need our services right now, especially because of the status of COVID-19 and how difficult it can be to get appointments in an office. And the service we’re providing people with is to not have to deal with going and booking an appointment, not having to get into a car and then struggle through an exhausting waiting time in a waiting room full of people. Instead, they are able to contact us and to the best of our abilities we will schedule an appointment that works best for them within the comfort of their own homes,” said David.

Manatee Senior Care is geriatric primary medical care that offers the bulk of its services through mobile and concierge care with the goal of avoiding “the risky gaps that currently exist within the geriatric industry.” In other words, not only does Floyd come and visit you in the convenience of your own home, but he will also act as your attending physician during your care at a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facilities and rehabilitation centers at no additional cost.

Floyd said that one of the goals when he and David first started Manatee Senior Care was to ensure comprehensive care that provides continuity throughout the aging process. In other words, he wanted to ensure that the same medical team is connected and engaged with your family, health history, prescription background and your personal story no matter where you are.

These services are important for an older population in Manatee and Sarasota County, where people ages 80 and older are projected to be the fastest-growing demographic over the next 30 years — so these two counties are where Manatee Senior Care offers its mobile and concierge medical services, in addition to having an office at 2970 University Parkway in Sarasota.

But these home visits are becoming increasingly important for an older population who is most at risk of suffering negative health outcomes due to coronavirus, according to Floyd.

“This is exactly the age group that is not supposed to be out and about right now. They are supposed to be staying home and practice social distancing and most of them are aware of this and that leads to anxiety about leaving the home. I think that’s why we are getting so many phone calls right now and that’s why we are happy to provide this service, because we want to keep them safe,” said Floyd.

To learn more about how you can schedule your own house call, visit or call 800-605-3182.

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